Pre-Publishing Checklist For Blog Posts

Here’s a quick checklist to tick before publishing any content. (Some of these may be specific to WordPress)

  • Formatting: Define Title, H1, H2, H3 in your article. 
  • Alt-Text: Alt text is the text that displays if any image on your article is not loading. Make sure all the images have alt text to them. 
  • Slug: It is the part of the URL of your article apart from the domain name. Ideally, a slug should have the keyphrase in it and include only functional words. 
  • Author: Add the right author. By default, your name would be displayed as the author. 
  • Banner/Featured Image: This is the banner of your article which is displayed as a thumbnail wherever you share your article. 
  • Categories: If your blog has been divided into separate categories, make sure you add your article in the relevant category. 
  • Tags: You can add metatags to allow easy navigation of content on your blog but tags don’t add SEO value to the article. 
  • Google Preview details: WordPress allows you to edit snippet details of how your article will appear as a search result. It includes slug, meta description, and SEO title.