Retargeting Ads Guidelines

“Design is intelligence made visible.”– Alina Wheeler

An effective design is crucial to the impact an ad makes. Retargeting ads are ads that brand triggers for customers that have visited their website or a target landing page. This means that these users have some interest in the brand and are likely to convert with the right messaging and persuasion. Thus, how well your adrolls are designed is crucial in converting these prospects. 


A display ad has four main components:

  1. Your logo or company name
  2. A value proposition
  3. An image or visual representation of your service
  4. A CTA button
Key elements of retargeting ads

The Ideal Positioning

Naturally, your value proposition and CTA are most important. One company found that optimizing its landing page CTA led to a whopping 245% increase in leads. This goes to show just how critical your CTA is.

Thus, your value proposition and CTA should be the most visually distinct elements. You should place your logo on the sidelines, at one of the edges of your ad. Plus, you have to make sure your image doesn’t obscure any of the copy.


Google offers various ad sizes from half-page ads to leaderboard to large mobile banners. The top three ad sizes in terms of performance are 300×250 (medium rectangle), 336×280 (large rectangle), and 728×90 (leaderboard). 


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to picking a color palette for your display ad. The most important questions to ask yourself are:

  • Who is my campaign aimed at and which colors will appeal to them?
  • What do people expect from my brand and industry?

Go for a minimal color palette. You should pick two or three main colors to use in ads. If you use a rainbow of colors, the viewer won’t be able to focus on what’s important.


Typography helps you in directing the viewer to the information you want to see using the right order and scale.

There’s a limitless number of fonts out there that you can use. But that doesn’t mean you should be using a bunch of different fonts in your display ads. Like with color, if you do this, then the viewer won’t be able to focus. Ideally, stick to a maximum of two font types. 

Additionally, use sentence case, and avoid using “all caps.”

In Closing

  • Display your logo. Brand recognition is very important when creating a display ad. It is a way for viewers to easily know and connect with your brand. The logo should cover 10-15% of the total ad area.
  • Don’t cram too much in a small space. Most display ads have fixed sizes like 300×250, 728×90, or 300×600, so use the space wisely and restrict the number of design elements you use. 
  • Do make your call to action look like a button. Consumers will readily click on a button to fill out data, use this approach in your display ads.