SEO Tips for Web Content

Search Engine Optimization of your website and blog in totality takes a lot of strategy and planning. But there are certain set hacks that ensure that you are making your individual article SEO friendly. 

  • Keyphrase: Before writing an article, ensure that you have one primary keyphrase that’s the focus of your article. Your key phrase should ideally be not more than 2-4 words long. A single word keyphrase is too broad to rank for and anything longer than 4 words is difficult to optimize for. 

To optimize your article of a selected keyphrase you need to add it a couple of times across your article. Your keyphrase should ideally be present in: 

  • Title
  • Introduction Paragraph
  • 1-2 headings and subheadings
  • Meta description
  • Alt description of the images in your article. 
  • Slug (the URL of your blog)
  • And a few times in your body text depending on its length (Ideally 5-6 times for a 1000 words article)
  • SEO Title and Meta description: SEO title and meta description are displayed when your blog comes up as a search result.

Ideal Length of SEO title: ~50-60 characters

Ideal Length of Meta description: ~155-160 characters

  • Links: Add as many outbound and internal links as possible to your article but they should be relevant to the content of your article. 

Outbound links are those links that link to other websites. 

Internal links are the ones that link to pages and articles on your blog. 

While it may be difficult to include and adhere to all of these, try to follow as many as possible to get a good SEO score for your article.