Types of Emails: When to use what

Types of Marketing Emails

Promotional/Sales Emails

  • For a one-time offer. 
  • Includes sales, discounts, and premium rates.
  • Keep these direct and get to the offer instantly. The copy should be directly persuasive for conversion. 

Email Newsletters

  • Used to drive regular engagement and remind your leads, prospects about your brand. 
  • The content for these can vary depending on the brand
  • Grammarly sends “Weekly Writing Insights” to its users that have details about the users writing performance, common errors, and some articles from the Grammarly blog. 
  • Medium sends in blogs with customized reading preferences to its subscribers. 

Transactional Emails

  • Emails that you get while interacting with a brand, are transactional emails. 
  • Everything from Sign up to Reset Password emails is transactional emails. 
  • Keep them short, to the point, and with clear next steps or action to be taken. 

Behavioral Emails

  • Emails that you send to drive a particular behavior. 
  • These include Referral emails, Customer feedback emails, or Subscription renewal emails. 
  • Keep the tone of these emails persuasive and focused on the “why”- why should the customer take that action. 
  • Define clear CTA and don’t ask them to do two things. For instance, either ask them to refer you or renew their membership. Not both. 

Lead nurturing emails

  • These help you make a lead into a customer. 
  • The content of these emails should be informational and persuasive. 
  • Ideally, talk about your brand, your product, and clear all doubts that might be preventing them to make a purchase. 
  • You can experiment with a long-form copy in these emails. 
  • Always talk to the receiver in these emails. Try to personalize them as much as possible.